behind purposefest

It takes purpose.

How do you go from ordinary to out of this world?

We’ve found out that the missing link between success and fulfillment is having a sense and understanding of one’s core purpose. At PurposeFest, our goal is to help unlock those secrets.

PurposeFest gives you access to amazing speakers, thought leaders, and a purpose-driven community. The sessions will help you zone in on your core power, gifts, talents, and your true self.

finding our purpose

We believe that the people around you can determine your success.

Our goal at PurposeFest and through our Purpose University community is to help connect you to people who will add value to your life and provide you with tools to help you navigate your purpose journey.

Agents of Change

We will explore the intersections of purpose and activism and how it can be used for global good. We believe creating good in the world requires purposeful leaders.

Questions/Themes we are exploring:

How can we launch platforms, brands, and businesses that produce transformative change?

How do we create and maintain sustainability for our world, our communities, and ourselves?

How can we innovate from a missional perspective?

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