Eve & Grant Mathis

While having lunch with a friend in Uptown Manhattan, Eve was discovered by a Rep. for Giorgio Armani, signed with Ford Models, traveled the world as a top model for over ten years with many top designers – the NBA of the fashion world:

“I’ve been blessed with opportunities as a top fashion model (Milan, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York for all the great designers such as Armani, Givenchy, Donna Karan etc…) – for over a decade. Beauty was my business – good genes got me in the door but taking better care of myself kept me working.”

“Every runway show has an amazing makeup artist with their own priorities, usually not aligned with my own. When I began developing cysts (skin knots) under my eyes that were never there before, I learned about – and developed an aversion to – the biologically disruptive cosmetics constantly being applied to my face. I learned about compromises I was making in all my skin care and set about corrective actions.”

“I discovered harsh chemicals are used EVERYWHERE in personal care that clearly cause harm to our biology. A deeper dive into my diet and home cleaning products revealed unintended consequences for my health. So, I decided to throw everything out and start over with cleaner options. Since then, I’ve been taking better care of myself, including my skin, and discovering which investments in beauty make the greatest difference.”

 Eve is now a certified organic skincare formulator – CLEAN skincare (absent the biological disruptors), in responsible packaging. (BotanicBeauty.com)

“My passion is to up-level every practice and formulation consistent with healthy ageing and share these discoveries with men and women who seek out effective products that support a healthy lifestyle.”

My Mission: 

To provide discerning return customers with the best possible ingredients that are known to be effective, sustainably sourced AND packaged responsibly to enhance harmless degradation where possible or recycle/compost 100%.

My Philosophy:

Where possible, I formulate organic and vegan, using proven Essential and Carrier Oils. Where responsible, I include well-sourced bio-identical plant extracts. I keep an eye on scientific studies, and BOTH eyes on ingredient development so I can improve formulation value and better manage cost. I also discovered that I’m responsible for the packaging end of life too.

Eve recognized the value in events and hospitality leading the way in sustainability. With 9-years of corporate hospitality relationships at Omni, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Loews, Fairmont, Four Seasons, to name a few, she created a Startup, Botanic Amenities, to bring Clean/Renewable amenities to hotels, event spaces, convention centers and stadiums.

Social media channels @runwaymodel_eve, and @botanicbeautyskincare (Instagram/FB) to share best practices, ingredients and manufacturers, including the products I make and use at home and share with my loved ones.

Biography, Grant Mathis 

This South Texas transplant lived for competitive NCAA tennis, until he didn’t. The very day Grant quit the BYU tennis team, a friend invited him to bring the athleticism, along with ballet and vocal training, to stage and a world tour. Once in LA, his career moved on camera, later teaching and managing others (including Emmy nominated actor/producer Ricky Russert I, TONYA).

Network episodic TV actor (ER, JAG, VIP); Dancer/Stunts, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH.  2010 Sundance Film Festival and Alfred P Sloan awarded feature length OBSELIDIA.

Producer of 2016 award winning short film SLLiP; Dreamworks TV; commercial production for Honda, Infinity, Lexus, Cisco, Mattress Firm, Lego Land, Children’s Hospital LA.

Life purpose evangelist Grant speaks of his prized role as a husband and the narrow decision leading to his life partner and co-founder of Botanic Amenities:

  •   Certified sustainable serveware, B2B distribution
  •   Responsible single use amenities, 100% compostable/no plastic
  •   Serving corporates at stadiums/events, convention centers, hotels



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