Kimberly Stevens

Kimberly Stevens founded Kimsurance in September, 2016 after 16 years in the medical/pharmaceutical sales industry.  As an insurance broker/advisor, Kimberly’s mission is to stay on top of the ever-changing insurance laws to keep her clients protected in case the worst may happen.


Kimberly’s unique experience as a breast cancer survivor,  pharmaceutical/medical sales representative and Medical Office manager gives her an understanding of the insurance industry from many angles.  


Kimberly is the mother of  Braden (12-23-91 through 1-7-1992). Victoria (28) and Daniel (26).   Braden and Victoria were both born with an orphan disease called Citrullinemia. “The  experiences of having two children born with an orphan disease,  and fighting breast cancer myself, has taught me how to navigate and advocate for myself and my children in the medical community; both with insurance companies and hospitals.”


During breast cancer treatment, though Kimberly had great medical insurance, she did not have adequate disability insurance. That led to bankruptcy, foreclosure and financial ruin.    


Now 11 years post cancer, Kimberly is rebuilding her financial life and helping her clients avoid the pitfalls she knew nothing about when she was battling cancer. “There were policies and plans I could have purchased to prevent all my financial problems.”  


Kimberly is a former Big Ten Record Holder, National Champion and was inducted into the University of Iowa Athletic Hall of Fame for Swimming in 2016.  She currently lives in the Orlando, FL area  with two very spoiled dogs. 


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