Dana Magnus

Dana Magnus is the CEO / Creative Branding & Marketing Strategist of The MKTG Brand and Speaker, Retreat Host, and Movement Leader. She leads her tribe with mission-driven marketing while changing the world aligning with Ethical Business Leaders & the B Corporation Movements.

Efficiency and planning are her jam. She loves asking challenging questions in order to create a marketing plan that empowers you to sell sell sell the human way & believes that all businesses can be used as a force for good.

Dana Magnus thrives when working with socially conscious entrepreneurs who have a specific calling, encouraging them to share parts of themselves and what they care about on social media, in their networking activities, and across all brand & marketing touch points through #MISSIONDRIVENMARKETING.

With her direction, you’ll develop the confidence to share your vision and blossom into a trustworthy, profitable leader of a movement.

Instead of shouldering all of the work, Dana will teach you how marketing works in today’s world and help you set up a sustainable system that effectively reaches your customers while still staying true to you.

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